Friday, September 25, 2009

What is Your Purpose?

Are there certain blogs that you read every day?  Have you ever thought about what keeps you going back?  Is it the delivery?  The topics?  The purpose?  If you look at my sidebar you will see the blogs that I read almost every day.  I find that I keep going back to certain blogs for two main reasons:  the writer's delivery and their purpose for writing.

Let's face it.  Some people are just more taleted than others at delivering a point.  Everyone who writes honestly has a distinct voice; no one is going to write a post on a topic the same way.  One of the blogs I read in particular, Punch Debt in the Face, keeps me coming back every day mostly because of his outrageous delivery.  He makes a pretty boring subject a lot less boring.  Check out his financial mad lib and finance rap - awesome!

It's pretty hard to keep getting up every day and going to a job if you don't have a purpose, whether your purpose is to receive enjoyment or to receive a paycheck.  In the same way, it's pretty hard to write a blog and keep coming up with new content if you don't have a purpose for writing.  For example, consider the following three blogs and what their writers say about their purpose.  

Jim at Bargaineering says the purpose of his blog is to educate, "both myself and others about the complicated topics in the personal finance world."
Bob at Christian Personal Finance says his mission and the mission for CPF is to, "make, save, grow, and give money."
Jen at Millionaire Mommy Next Door says her mission is to, "inspire and empower others through financial education so they too can enjoy the life they want to live.

This blog has a purpose too.  But in order to understand the purpose of this blog, you need to know a little bit about the goals I have for my life.  One of my goals is to be debt free fifteen years from now, before I turn forty.  But this goal is just a piece of the main goal of my life, which is to live missionally.  I believe that to live missionally you show love to your family, your friends, and people you don't even know.  One thing I've discovered is that to live missionally you have to spend time or money (I'll talk more about this in later posts).  With that said, the purpose of this blog is threefold:

To teach and be taught
To hold myself accountable as I journey towards being debt free
To inspire others to live missionally

What about you...what goals have you set for your life?

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